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Why PromoBoxes?

In comparison with the soft type of packaging, Click-Clack and Slide-Tin have more space for advertising and information application methods (pad printing, embossing / stamping, laser engraving, full color printing). Particular attention should be paid to Ultraviolet printing (UV printing) as a method of application on the top of a cover. It is bright, has a rich color and high-resolution of a photographic quality. And the most important advantage is that the image cannot be erased.

You can be sure that after opening and using Click-Clack and Slide-Tin packaging they will not be thrown as a trash, and certainly it will not be deformed or lose the original looks. Click-Clack and Slide-Tin can be easy carried in a pocket, purse, taken for a run. They will not deform with time, candies will not be pressed down or fall into your pocket or purse.

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