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Advertising is an engine of trade. And for good trade excellent advertising is necessary - one that will be remembered by potential clients and customers and even better – will be always in sight. Obviously, creators of unique promotional packaging Click-Clack and Slide-Tin came to the same conclusion. It has a functional form of the original goods packaging that has a huge advertising potential.

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Click-Clack – is a convenient form of packaging that requires minimal effort to open and close it. Slide-Tin – is a box that can be easy opened by sliding its cover. Both forms of packaging can be filled with candies, mints, jellies, chocolate, chewing gums - everything that you wish. But since we are talking about advertising, then surely it should be mentioned that Click-Clack and Slide-Tin help to promote not their contents, but something that is outside. And in the outside, meaning on the outer surfaces of the boxes your company logo or promotional image of your product can be placed - all that will allow you to achieve the purposes of advertising, promotion of your products and services.


Click-Clack and Slide-Tin are often used as wedding and holiday gifts that are presented by heart, as well as conventional types of souvenirs with the sights of the cities, national symbols, reproductions of paintings, photographs of famous people, etc.

Click-Clack and Slide-Tin may be offered as a gift. In this case, the boxes will play the role of business cards, business souvenirs to remind everybody who were fortunate enough to be your partner or client of your company.

Click-Clack and Slide-Tin are indeed promotional souvenirs, which can be spread during promotions, exhibitions, conferences, presentations. Boxes with your company logo, designed for prolonged and repeated use, will always be in sight, so that the perfect time will help you to turn your potential customers into real ones. Images applied on the surface of these boxes are inerasable, cannot be deformed and do not fade with time. Modern equipment is used for the application which brings the quality of a pattern closer to a photographic image. In future Click-Clack and Slide-Tin may be used for storing various fines (coins, paper clips, etc.). The main thing is that they will remind of your company, and in addition to that they will do it gently, but effectively. We believe that such advertising is more effective than many of its other forms, because nothing can surpass it in the terms of the duration of effect!


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