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What are PromoBoxes?

PromoBoxes are souvenir metal cans Click-Clack or Slide-Tin. It is a form of product packaging relatively new for the Russian trade market and proved long time ago in the rest of the world. This product is among ten most ordered and sold products in European, American and Asian markets.

Click-Clack can be easily opened by one single touch, with no effort at all. By the way, it is not necessary to use your both hands – you can just press down on the cover. To close the box you should just press down on the end edge of the cover and it will close.

Slide-Tin also can be opened conveniently by sliding the cover over the edges.

Click-Clack and Slide-Tin are produced most widely in conjunction with the filling of various types of mints, candies, pastilles, jellies, chocolate, chewing gums, and so on. Filling is limited only by the imagination of a customer.

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